The Provenance

The night it all changed. 

In February I was pushing hard on a big project. And it wasn’t going well. At all. 

I was caught in the inertia of my professional life, following a path that my core values had since shifted away from. Subconsciously I knew it had happened. 

In practice? I was afraid to admit it. 

I brought Nick in to support me with the project. Nick is a best friend whom I happen to regard as a world class thinker. I assumed we’d struggle through the lackluster work together. 

What happened instead was much more powerful.

Waking up in the middle of a panic attack was not the way I’d thought my next career pivot would start. 

But it was the catalyst I needed to say “enough is enough”. Together with Nick, I walked away from the project, deciding instead to set out on an honest search for more meaningful work. 

As we told family and friends about our goal, we were overwhelmed by shared sentiment. It turns out most of our network doesn’t feel particularly fulfilled by their current work either.

In search of a roadmap for our journey, we leaned on Julian Shapiro’s, “What to work on”

As Julian writes:

“…we ride the momentum of whatever we're already doing and whatever we stumble across. You lose many years of your life when you're not deliberate.”

Through this exercise, we identified three core values to guide us: 

  • Exercising Talent - we need work that allows us to leverage our unique skills.
  • Service - we need work that serves our higher selves, those around us, and the world.
  • Human Connection - we need to bond with others through our work. 

Julian’s writing also introduced us to the Regret Minimization Framework. Julian explains,

“What choices can you make today that minimize the regret you'll feel as an 80-year-old looking back on your life? When you minimize future regret, you sleep well knowing you're maximizing fulfillment.”

Climate change: The defining crisis of our time. 

Armed with our core values and a new regret minimization objective, Nick and I began looking for the right challenge to sink our teeth into. We decided we would most regret not dedicating ourselves to combating climate change. 

This is the biggest challenge many of us will face in our lives. 

✔️ Focusing on climate change fulfills our core value of being in service. 

Next, how do we best exercise our existing talents? What do we bring to the table? 

I’m a community builder and entrepreneur

Nick is a stellar storyteller who knows the ins & outs of media.

Why don’t we craft great content and create an engaged community at the intersection of climate change and entrepreneurship? 

Many refer to this intersection as “Climate Tech.” Nick and I ascribe to Pale Blue Dot’s definition of climate tech startups, namely  “Companies that reduce carbon emissions, reverse the trajectory of climate change, or help us prepare for a new world.”

✔️ We’re leaning into our strengths while tackling something new and challenging. 

Lastly, how can we ensure our work fosters human connection? 

This is where the pieces really started falling into place. 

Providing the talent pool needed to fuel the climate tech revolution. 

Remember ~400 words ago when we realized that we were far from the only ones who felt like we weren’t spending our time working on the right thing? Well, on the heels of iterating on and refining our Keep Cool concept, we are already feeling more fired up and fulfilled. 

What if this experience itself has the seeds of a solution for others? 

What if our learning journey can help people think deliberately and discover more purposeful work? What if we build a bench of talented people who are interested in working in climate tech in the process?

Access to talent is a major barrier keeping climate tech startups from properly driving the pace and scale required for a global net zero transformation. 

Boom. We landed our mission statement: 

Mobilize humanity to better understand and work on climate technology businesses.

What's next?

We’re excited to officially launch our always free content series. 

Our content will document our learning journey as we immerse ourselves in the climate tech space, starting with ‘Keep Cool Reports’ that explore the latest trends, market challenges, and business opportunities within climate tech. Through these reports, you will gain access to curated climate tech jobs and get inspired by mind-blowing technology. Maybe we’ll even germinate ideas for your next business. 🌱

Looking for something concrete to get excited about? Our first report will focus on the wild, wonderful world of mycelium and its myriad applications. 🍄

In the future, we will also explore community-driven experiments. Should we set up a decentralized digital community? Host live-events? Run samba classes?? Probably all three. Whatever we get into, we promise it will be informative, fun, and authentic.

In summary?

We’re all in. We’re diving into the deep end. We’d love for you to take the leap with us.

If you prefer to watch and see if we swim first? That’s fair too.

If we could ask for one favor? Share what resonates with your homies, parents, ex-lovers, etc. And drop us a line if you’re fired up and want to chat.

We appreciate you,

Gabe & NVO

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