What is Keep Cool?

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time. 

The world is in a race and we’re moving far too slow. To avoid global warming beyond 1.5 °C we need to halve greenhouse gas emissions in 10 years. 

To have a fighting chance, we need faster and more meaningful innovation, adoption, and implementation of climate technology. We believe that savvy startups will be some of the best candidates to drive this change. 

That's why we started Keep Cool: to mobilize humanity to better understand and work on climate technology businesses.

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Going Deeper Time to get active

$60 billion in VC capital flowed into climate tech in 2019, a 3,750% increase from 2013. Today, financial giants and bootstrapped founders alike realize that climate tech is both a planetary necessity and a strong business opportunity. 

As breakthrough technologies align with better talent, new business models will arise to disrupt the status quo. We’ve seen companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Tesla transform our daily behavior, often in less than a decade. How can climate tech change the Earth in another 10 years?

If we want to find out, we have to jump in. 

Our always-free content will get you up to speed, providing education on climate tech and offering a roadmap to deeper involvement. Our ultimate goal is to build, nourish and empower a community that’s committed to solving the climate crisis. 

We think you’d be a great addition to our community and we’re excited to grow with you on this journey. Ready to come along for the ride?